Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Thoughts of the Day #33/2011: Ad Reinhardt (3)

Ad Reinhardt (1913-1967)
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Today I will present again some thoughts by one of the few Immortals of Modern Art. It is the american painter Ad Reinhardt. Since it is absolutely essential for the Arts to apply his principles today, I have chosen an excerpt of his text "Art in Art is Art-as-Art (Art-as-Art- Dogma, Part III"(1966) this is the second part of it:

Vision in art is not vision.
The visible in art is visible.
The invisible in art is invisible.
The visibility of art is visible.
The invisibility of art is invisible.

The mystery of art is not a mystery.
The unfathomable in art is unfathomable.
The unknown in art is not the unknown.
The beyond in art is not beyond.
The immediate in art is not immediate.
The behind in art is not the behind.
The forefront in art is forefront. (...)

Darkness in art is not darkness.
Light in art is not light.
Space in art is not space.
Time in art is not time.
Evolution in art is not evolution.
Progress in art is not progress.

The beginning of art is not the beginning.
The finishing of art is not the finishing.
The furnishing of art is furnishing.
The nothingness of art is not nothingness.
Negation in art is not negation.
The absolute in art is absolute.
Art-in-Art is art.
The end of art is art-as-art.
The end of art is not the end.

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