Monday, March 12, 2012

Video of the Day #8/2012: Vincent Carraud

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today I present a video-conference held in Chicago 2009 by Vincent Carraud (*1957) about Blaise Pascal and the Problem of the True and the False Image. Carraud is a disciple of Jean-Luc Marion. He has written an admirably deep discussion of the Pascals relation to philosophy in his work Pascal et la philosophie, Paris, PUF 1992,  a book about the problem of rationality entitled Causa sive ratio. La raison de la cause, de Suárez à Leibniz, Paris, PUF 2002. His more recent book is about the problem of the invention of  the capitalized "I" from Pascal to Heidegger entitled L'invention du moi, Paris, PUF 2010.

Vincent Carraud "A Figure Bears Absence and Presence
: The True and False Image According to Pascal"

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