Monday, December 9, 2013

Video of the Day #88/2013: Jacob Kirkegaard (3)

Jacob Kirkegaard, Labyrinthitis 
(Sonic Acts XIII, 2010)

Labyrinthitis (2007) relies on a principle that when two frequencies of a certain ratio are played into the ear, additional vibrations generated in the inner ear, so-called ‘distortion product otoacoustic emission’ or ‘Tartini tone’, will produce a third frequency…(Commissioned by Medical Museion in Copenhagen, Summer 2007).

Jacob Kirkegaard’s (DK) work focuses on the scientific and aesthetic aspects of resonance, time, sound and hearing. His installations, compositions and performances deal with acoustic spaces and phenomena that usually remain imperceptible. Kirkegaard uses unorthodox recording devices to capture and contextualize hitherto unheard sounds from within a variety of environments: a geyser, a sand dune, a nuclear power plant, an empty room, and even sounds from the human inner ear itself.

This installation was part of the main Sonic Acts exhibition at Netherlands Media Art Institute (NIMk). Besides Kirkegaard's work, works of HC Gilje, Carlo Bernardini, Ralf Baecker, Jan-Peter E.R. Sonntag, Yoko Semaya and others could be seen, heard and experienced. Text (copyright,  Sonic Acts 2010).