Friday, April 25, 2014

Sounds of the Day #26/2014: Socracht

Meticulous Obliteration of the Self
One Painstaking Molecule at a Time (2014)

This is the awesome first HNW-release of this London-based project called "Socracht" released on April 8, 2014. This recording was fabricated initially for personal meditative purposes; so consider these sounds as "bullet proof" and "water-resistant". These sounds strongly and perfectly remind me of the reasons why I got interested in HNW in the first place. HNW shares pure and minimal sounds for the purpose of shutting down the mind to realize your true self - here and now ! "Socracht" means stillness in Irish ! And what needs the world more than a century of silence ! Consider this as the best HNW in the (sadly almost dead) tradition of EU-Devotionalist-HNW like Vomir, A View from Nihil and/or Angström. A serious HNW-label should pick this up and release it in the classical tape-format ! Essential stuff for your Headphones. Please re-boot and revitalize your ideas about HNW and re-essentialize them again as (Minimalism + ἐποχή = HNW) ! Socracht's text on bandcamp links and dedicates his sounds to the memory of the tragic accident at Cape Caneveral on January 28, 1986:

"The worst accident in the history of the American space program, it was witnessed by thousands of spectators who watched in wonder, then horror, as the ship blew apart high in the air. There were no clues to the cause of the accident. The space agency offered no immediate explanations, and said it was suspending all shuttle flights indefinitely while it conducted an inquiry. Officials discounted speculation that cold weather at Cape Canaveral or an accident several days ago that slightly damaged insulation on the external fuel tank might have been a factor. Two large white streamers raced away from the blast, followed by a rain of debris that etched white contrails in the cloudless sky and then slowly headed toward the cold waters of the nearby Atlantic. The eerie beauty of the orange fireball and billowing white trails against the blue confused many onlookers, many of whom did not at first seem aware that the aerial display was a sign that something had gone terribly wrong." (▲ Recorded, mixed and mastered by Creatuur at The Lair ▲ , released 08 April 2014 )

Best wishes for C. ! And please support 
this piece of classical HNW !