Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sounds of the Day #27/2014: Stephen O'Malley

Dear Readers,

very sad news, today:

Ernesto Laclau died at the age of 78 
on April 13, 2014
in Sevilla.

He was a very important theorist and author of the famous books "Hegemony and Socialist Strategy" (1985, together with his wife Chantal Mouffe), "New Reflections on the Revolutions in our time" (1990), "On populist reason" (2005), and what's now became his latest entry "Rhetorical foundations of society"(March 2014). Only yesterday I looked for his forthcoming  book "Elusive Universality" (forthcoming 2015) - it's really sad to find out today that he died. Please pay a little homage and read one of his texts today. Or watch the video below - it's a conference about Heidegger, Lacan, Gramsci from 2013 .... [SKG]