Sunday, April 6, 2014

Thoughts of the Day #11/2014: LaMonte Young (13)

LaMonte Young
(photo / copyright: M. Zazeela)
"Sometimes we produced sounds that lasted over an hour. If it is was loud my ears would often not regain their normal hearing for several hours, and when my hearing slowly did come back it was almost as much a new experience as when I had first begun to hear sound.
Sometimes when I was making a long sound, I began to notice that I was looking at the dancers and the room from the sound instead of hearing the sound from some position in the room. I began to feel the parts and the motions of the sound more, and I began to see how each sound was its own world and that this world was only similar to our world in that we experienced it through our own bodies, that is, in our own terms.
I could see that sounds and all the other things in the world were just as important as human beings and that if we could to some degree give ourselves up to them, the sounds and other things that is, we enjoyed the possibility of learning something new."
- LaMonte Young (1965)