Monday, April 28, 2014

Video of the Day #95/2014: .es (2)

.es: 橋本孝之 Takayuki Hashimoto + sara
即興演奏 エレキギター / ピアノ
improvisation_Guitar / Piano
photo:稲垣元則 Motonori Inagaki

Absolutely and breathtakingly intense, highly expressive and essential guitar/piano-stuff from Osaka, Japan - simply adorable - morphing saxophone-sounds into an electric guitar and/or vice versa. Virtuous instrumental metamorphoseis, contradictions and fantasies of a "19th century percussion instrument" (piano) and modern guitar-play ! In a row with Takayanagi, Bailey, Suzuki, Haino, Jianhong - unique articulations and glissandi ! [SKG]

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