Saturday, June 28, 2014

Thoughts of the Day #19/2014: Paul de Man (1)

Paul de Man 

"The critical thrust of Rousseau's theory of language in the Second Discourse and in the Essay undermines this model. In these texts, the discussion of denomination as the primal linguistic function in fact puts into question the status of referential language. It becomes an aberrant trope that conceals the radical figurality of language behind the illusion that it can properly mean. 

As a result, the assumption of readability, which is itself constitutive of language, cannot only no longer be taken for granted but is found to be aberrant.There can be no writing without reading, but all readings are in error because they assume their own readability. Everything written has to be read and every reading is susceptible of logical verification, but the logic that establishes the need for verification is itself unverifiable and therefore unfounded in its claim to truth."

Paul de Man - Allegory (Julie)