Saturday, July 26, 2014

Sounds of the day #46/2014: Dave Phillips (2)

Dave Phillips - At the heart of it all (2014)

Important steps towards a post-humanist 
and non-anthropomorph approach to sounds !

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in 2011 dp visits the heart of the ecuadorian amazon - one of the most biodiverse places on earth. it contains more documented insect species than any other forest in the world, some of the most diverse populations of birds, bats, amphibians, epiphytes, lianas and more tree species per hectare than are native to the united states and canada combined. this area is also a critical habitat to 23 globally threatened mammal species and some of the last human populations with absolutely no contact to so-called "civilization". during 5 days in chuallacocha, bordering the yasuni national park, dp records amongst others the hoatzin, long-nosed bat, black caiman, screaming piha, speckled chachalaca, red howler monkey, oropendola, white-throated toucan, macaw, treefrogs and riverfrogs at night, countless avians and legions of insects. all audio on this release has been equalised and layered but otherwise not touched. arranged into two pieces, one with daytime sounds and one with night recordings, these recordings depict a rich and intense sonic world of an area maybe soon gone.

pro-duplicated cdr in 8 panel colour cardboard sleeve + 8-page colour booklet with photos by dp + 8-page text booklet about the yasuni-ITT initiative.

released by ruido latino/colombia and ruido horrible/mexico.