Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thoughts of the Day #20/2014 : Giacinto Scelsi (1)

Giacinto Scelsi

".... sound is round, but when we hear it, it seems to have only two dimensions: pitch and duration. The third dimension, depth, is here, but somehow, though we know it, it escapes us. The upper and lower (less audible) harmonics sometimes give us the impression of a vaster, more complex sound beyond duration and pitch, but it is difficult for us to perceive its complexity. 

And how is one to note it musically ? In painting, there is of course perspective, which gives the impression of depth, but in music we have still not been able to free ourselves from the two dimensions of pitch and duration, despite all the experiments with stereophony and so forth; and we have not yet succeeded in creating an impression of sound's real spherical dimension."

- Giacinto Scelsi

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