Monday, September 22, 2014

Video of the Day #167B: Avital Ronell (2) / Sounds: Terence Hannum (1)

Avital Ronell
Taste and Authority

Terence Hannum's
"Via Negativa"

Via Negativa is the first solo album for Utech Records by visual artist and Locrian member, Terence Hannum. Incorporating voice and organ, Hannum creates a world where time slows and sound is reduced to the steady pulse of the universe.

Via Negativa is latin for negative path. It is a means of distillation. A way of describing something by saying what it is not.

You might say that ambient music is the music of subtraction – subtract the melody, subtract the harmony, subtract the rhythm. Subtract the author. Where much of music composition is a process of layered construction, ambient composition is closer to that of distillation – find the essential ingredient that will fundamentally transform a sonic environment and dispense with the rest. Recorded in Hannum’s basement studio with the most basic equipment, Via Negativa is a document of the artist’s own meditative process of subtraction.

Artwork by Terence Hannum.
Mastered by Justin Weis.
Liner notes by Jenks Miller.
LP limited to 300 copies on powder blue vinyl.
Presented in a heavy, pocket-flooded gatefold jacket with matte UV varnish.
Download includes extra track "The Ideal Forms" not on the LP.