Thursday, October 23, 2014

Video of the Day #176/2014: James Turrell (1) / Reuben Son (1)

James Turrell - Roden Crater 
Part I/II

Reuben Son
Excerpt from 
'Asleep at the Drawing Board' 
(Private Chronology 07).

Asleep at the Drawing Board consists of a handful of playful sessions on my synthesizer, recorded during the spring of 2011. As with its sibling 7", Days Gone By, the material that comprises Asleep at the Drawing Board was generated with a focus on live instrumental performance, as opposed to the heavily process-based music I was from 2009-2011 with tape feedback systems. These recordings were then cherry-picked and made to yield to the brevity and pop-orientation of the 7" format. The result is a five-part suite of neatly-edited patchcable synthesis, flowing from a 'West Coast' spray of mis-firing oscillations and synthesized bog waters to auto-melodic studies complete with a murmuration of electric guitar chiming to bring it all to a conclusion.

Ultimately, these efforts proved to be short-lived, but the decision was made to commit the pair of 7"s to the production line as a way of documenting some of my most colorful and 'in the moment' music to date. Due to manufacturing problems at the pressing plant, however, production of Asleep at the Drawing Board was held back, and Days Gone By was released on Wagtail Records in 2012 without its sibling release. By the time the wayward pressing plant, EKS, shipped me my vanity pressings over a year after lacquer masters were manufactured, the 'drawing board' in question was long forgotten, and I was busy working on new material (still in progress) in line with a more studio-focused praxis within which the matter of 'live instrumental performance' hardly figured in at all. As such, I left the records packed up in the box they arrived in, only to be issued after 'the moment' had substantively passed.

Pressed in a one-time edition of 100 on clear vinyl. Each record is presented in a library-style package with a hand-printed and embossed red, linen-finish insert tucked into the center hole of a stamped kraft gold inner sleeve and housed inside a crisp PVC outer sleeve.