Friday, October 24, 2014

Video of the Day #177/2014: Walter de Maria (1) / Park & Tamirisa

Walter de Maria - Large Red Sphere

Plus this
Park & Tamirisa
(on Pirvate Chronology 2014)

Caroline Park and Asha Tamirisa's debut, SOTO, takes its material and name from their first performance together at Boston's now defunct Studio Soto. Built upon a combination of generative patches, pre-recorded sound, and live-recorded sound, SOTO moves slowly as repeating motifs and percussive detail ebb into and out of swells of gauzy drone-sound. There's a heavy, yet effortless quality to SOTO, and in hearing it performed live in Studio Soto's large and austere space, it had a way of sounding unified with and indistinct from the room itself, similar in effect to the work of Jakob Ullmann. In translating this music to tape, care has been taken to remain faithful to the live set, while bringing to bear the conditions of the format. As such, the original board recording has been condensed and edited into two sides as a 'studio analogue' to the original performance.

Edition of 100 copies professionally duplicated on chrome tape in clear cassette shells imprinted by National Audio Company. The four-panel jcard features photography by the artists and a still from a video taken during the performance and has been printed via a combination of offset printing, hand-stamping, and embossing on ivory, linen-finish paper.