Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sounds of the Day #56/2014: Lanuk (1) / Orphax (1) / Francesco Giannico (1)

Lanuk "vV" (2013)

Following in the footsteps of the stripped down minimalism of Superskin's Descent, is its apparent antithesis, Lanuk's vV, part glitchy, part psychotic, with ventures into techno, only to come out in breakcore or IDM-influenced noodly mentalism, which is far from inaccessible. Then again, there are tracks on this album which are stripped down and mellow, an ethereal comedown after the buoyant juggernaut. The sound is raw and epic, a playful adventure into aural experimentation. "My music is operates in a live context channeling my inner senses, and this is how this album was created as well, with three four synths and a sampler and improvisation. I often cannot predict the result, I just like to play around with sounds," he says. The Hungarian musician Gulyás Árpád aka Lanuk started to make music when he was 13, cutting his teeth in several noise, experimental punk bands. His Lanuk outfit was started as a bedroom project in the middle of the noughties and also saw him perform at numerous festivals, clubs, art galleries. Aside from Lanuk, he also moonlights as a bass player in a band called derTANZ. released 22 April 2014

Orphax - Oniscus Asellus
July 2014

First released in 2003 as mp3 release now for the first time ever also available on a CD-R format. For this reissue the music has been remastered in April 2014. In this master the lovely details in this music come closer to the surface making this a clear sounding issue. Though, one with still lots of things to discover.

The music on this album is inspired by insects, bacteria and other small life. Like in Godfried Bomans book "Erik, or the Little Insect Book" you are drawn into a world unknown. A world where you have to listen to the details in the soundscapes, drones and noises, a world where at first listen not much seems to happen, though after repeated listening more and more of the details appear.

released 23 June 2014

All sounds by Sietse van Erve
Artwork by Sietse van Erve
Remaster by Sietse van Erve

Francesco Giannico

Coming in late October will be an atmospheric and underground metro centric release from Italian sound artist, Francesco Giannico, entitled “Metrophony”. On August 6, 2013, Giannico recorded the entire route of the "B" line of the subway in the city of Rome, that connects the "Rebibbia" station with the "Laurentina" station, and the "B1" line that connects the 'Bologna' station with the 'Conca D 'Oro' station... Audio samples collected were manipulated and transformed electronically, and enriched with synth and/or musical instruments such as guitars, piano, violins. The result is "Metrophony" which is also an art installation.