Monday, November 10, 2014

Thoughts of the Day #39/2014: Gilles Deleuze (27) / Mad Nanna (3) / Minoru Sato (1) / Alain Badiou (19)

Deleuze / Guattari

"CsO. Oui, le visage a un grand avenir, à condition d'être detruit, défait. En route vers l'asignifiant, vers asubjectif. Mais nous n'avons rien expliqué encore de ce que nous sentons."
Mille Plateaux.

Mad Nanna

Plus minimal electronics by
Minoru Sato
Emerging from the Perturbation Field 

one-sided lp of recordings from the installation of the same name (from a series of works, started in 1991, using fluorescent lamps). artist : minoru sato -m/s, SASW ( material: solar cells, fluorescent lamps (used ‘half-broken’ lamp which irregularly flickers), loudspeaker, electro-luminescence sheets, silkscreened acrylic panels.
description: an irregular state, when it surrounds us, makes us unable to identify individual things, or to find any law of variations within it. We usually regard it as having no significant nature more than the specific nature from which emerges repetition. It seems homogeneous rather than heterogeneous because we feel it as a form of flatness without specific variation. When we discover a state of irregularity or homogeneity, it may mean we are confronting something of which “lies outside the domain where it is possible to carry out a causal description corresponding to our customary forms of perception.”(The Atomic Theory and the Fundamental Principles underlying the Description of Nature, Niels Bohr, 1929). In a way, the domain where irregularity governs guarantees that it is impossible for us to completely describe our world through language.


released 10 September 2012 

Plus a recent talk
by Alain Badiou
"L'Europe centrale dans la mondialisation
capitaliste contemporaine"