Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thoughts/Sounds of the Day #48/2014: Jacques Derrida / oe McPhee + Chris Corsano / The Blunder of a Horse

".... ils ne m'ont jamais pardonné d'être eschatologiste le plus avancé, la dernière avant-garde qui compte ...
- Jacques Derrida.

Oe McPhee and Chris Corsano

Plus this impressive second release by  

The Blunder of a Horse - Mystery Manta (released in Nov 2014)

A loaded soundworld in between crippled symmetries, half-burned clusters, crude Rileyesque machineries, nervous percussive patterns, real-time improvisations, acidmotherly blackened sounds, repetitive moves, grooves and standstills, colourful grids, reverberations of avantgarde and post-avantgarde soundworlds and playing techniques from Cage's prepared instruments up to Stockhausen's cosmic sounds and a lot more forced gently through highly individualized filters, channels, ears and lenses and finally stacked in 3 D on this record. 

A highly original and hybrid soundworld performed by really versatile musicians ! 

Please risk an ear or two :)
Highly recommended !