Monday, November 3, 2014

Video of the Day #184/2014: Andy Goldsworthy (1) / Patrick Emm (1) / Etienne Balibar (3)

Andy Goldsworthy - Land Art


Patrick Emm
on Private Chronology

Patrick Emm's Theta States arrives at the culmination of several years' worth of impressive live sets and scarce, privately issued cassettes. The pieces that comprise Theta States draw from a variety of sources, from raw, amplified objects and electronic synthesis to disembodied voices from found tapes, much of which gets churned through the same kinds of delicate, yet clunky tape feedback procedures that formed the backbone of the earliest Private Chronology releases. Most appealingly, an ear towards the canon of healing musics and a hypnogogic sense of narrative directs the flow of these pieces, and reflects the witching hour sessions over which Theta States took form.

Edition of 100 copies professionally duplicated on chrome tape in clear cassette shells imprinted by National Audio Company. The four-panel jcard features original artwork and photography by the artist, and has been printed via a combination of offset printing, hand-stamping, and embossing on ivory, linen-finish paper. 

Etienne Balibar
"Déconstruction de l'universel. Hegel, Benveniste, Derrida"