Thursday, November 6, 2014

Video of the Day #187/2014: Alain Badiou (11) / Todd Tomanend Clark (2) / Cymerman / Parker / Wooley (1)

Alain Badiou
What is Philosophy II

plus the ultra-weird
Todd Tamenend Clark
"March of the Legion"

the awesome improvisation
Cymerman - Parker - Wooley
"World of Objects"

Recorded live in concert in the fall of 2013, "World of Objects" is an intense and confounding document of 21st century improvised music. Featuring Evan Parker, a singular musician whose approach to music and the saxophone has influenced several generations of improvisers, in trio with trumpet great Nate Wooley and clarinetist Jeremiah Cymerman, "World of Objects" is both a concert document and an intricate journey through the digital post-production of Jeremiah Cymerman. Over the course of three improvisations and fifity minutes of music, Parker, Wooley & Cymerman push themselves to new levels of instrumental prowess and spontaneous compositional thinking that 5049 is proud beyond words to present.