Tuesday, January 6, 2015

AUTUMN SPACES #30 / Georges Didi-Huberman (1) / John Duncan - Jim O'Rourke (1)

(Put the sun into your bag !)

Georges Didi-Huberman 
"Minima lumina. Phénoménologie et la politique de la lumière" 

Plus this sensational release by   
John Duncan /Jim O'Rourke
(Ideal Recordings 2014)


Jim and I worked fast and furiously in Christoph Heemann's studio to record this, working in shifts, day and night, three days later had it all but finished -- then Jim said 'Let me do just a couple of tweaks, here and there' and I agreed. Twenty years later, we got together again to add those tweaks. I must say, I think it was worth the wait.


Jim, Joe and Oren invited me to perform with them on my last night in Tokyo -- a serious honor -- until we were to start I had no idea what to do. Then it came: turn a message I'd been repeating to myself, a reminder, into a sort of chant. That turned into a desperate mantra, then a scream, that left me feeling possessed, draining my voice down to a whisper. Leaving the audience stunned.

- John Duncan

"YEAH" is available on a black vinyl LP, limited to 500 copies. Available from Cargo Records, Metamkine, A-Musik, etc...