Monday, January 5, 2015

Video of the Day #3/2012: Angus Maclise (2/3) / Suoka (1)

Angus Maclise
"The Cloud Doctrine"

Suoka - Being
(released XII/2014)
Ultra-limited to 50 copies.

Minimal. Deep as fxxk. Hypnotic. «Being» must be the best slab of techno ever produced in Karelia. This album is warm, dubby, and what’s best, seemingly endless. The cassette is 58 minutes long, with one track clocking well over 20 minutes. We can’t be sure how exactly Suokas has come up with this magic because it’s too well varied for a tape: there is space for ghostly oscillations and vocoded speech, lush cinematic pads and kinky spiritual cowbell shuffle. Yet it’s incredibly straightforward and simple. At times terrifyingly funky.

The lighter part of the album (Chapters 1 & 3) was recorded as a soundtrack for perfume, the idea being to reflect the diffusion of smell through music. The darker tracks (Chapters 2 & 4) are connected to nothingness. ‘nuff said.

Sergey Suokas has made a name for himself in minimal techno circles with 12 inches on Pro-Tez / MultiVitamins / Metroline labels and has also proved how far he’s willing to go to break free of tags: film music with fellow Norwegian heads Mental Overdrive and Aggie Peterson, fragile ambient drift under Slow guise, far-out glitchy laptop explorations, finally escaping civilization and living without electricity in the Ural region…

Back into his sharpest shape, Suokas is on the roll with heavy-hitting minimal mutations: several vinyls are already scheduled for release after this cassette. «Being» will earworm its way into yr skull and refuse to let go.

White cassettes have been pro-dubbed at Go Tape, Russia, with classy ascetic design by Anya Kuts screen-printed on thick cardstock by Karelia’s finest Workshop Sect. 
Ultra limited edition of 50 copies, with instant download of the digital album and/or download coupons. 

credits released 21 December 2014