Monday, February 16, 2015

Cloud #55/2013 / Alain Badiou (20) / Sound Awakener (1)

"Where life has not been seen -
how could death be seen !"
this wonderful Sound-Art project 
from Vietnam called  
"Sound Awakener".

I admire this project's robust, highly concrete, material and "fleshy" soundworlds. At the same time they have an almost zen-like-formed-of-nothingness-pureness and harsh beauty with a really well calculated use of found sounds and sound manipulations. The result are really subtle, little, precious and highly concentrated sound-atoms with terrific textures causing time-space-deformations. Sound-Art at its best ! The project's name is perfectly fitting: Sound Awakener ! There is a german poem containing the line "Es schläft ein Lied in allen Dingen" - "There is a song asleep in all things". Please support this awesome project. This is her release "Hidden" (2014)
this interview with
Alain Badiou
on serbian TV
thankfully it's in french