Monday, June 15, 2015

Sounds of the Day #7/2015: Patrick Farmer & David Lacey / Zaimph (1) / Tashi Dorji (5)

Patrick Farmer & David Lacey - Pictures of Man

Plus two excerpts
from Marcia Bassett's
Zaimph -Two Aspects Divided

"Two Aspects Divided is the fifth release on Zaimphs own Yew label. Composed of two side-length pieces, Zaimph illuminates harshness through two massive movements. Side a, New Exclusive Digital Stonehenge, is a ruptured circuit of distorted control patterns. A demolition of experience melts into liquid sound, always evading linearity, forging an allegorical bridge between an outer world of reality and the truth of a digital inner space. Living Fiction on side b follows a remote dream of death skulls and industrial nihilism, its structure and processes constantly sabotaged by chaotic deviations and cold incantations. Edition of 150."
Tashi Dorji
AVAILABLE 4.28.14