Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Sounds of the Day #8/2015: Mathieu Ruhlmann / Sabisha Freidberg & Peter Edwards (1/2)

Mathieu Ruhlmann - This star teaches bending

"In 2012, my mother at the age of 63 was diagnosed with a rare terminal lung disease. She was given a six-month life expectancy at this time. These recordings were created over the same period of time, comprised of amplifying the human body, various medical equipment and devices, as well as location recordings, that were involved, related to, or used during her treatment.

The title "This Star Teaches Bending" refers to a painting on paper by the artist Paul Klee that he completed in the year of his death. Klee lived the last few years of his life in Bern, plagued by scleroderma, a rare skin disease. Although he never recovered from this illness, he always maintained his love of life, facing his suffering with a trenchant ‘so what?' But by 1940 he had to accept that there was no hope of a cure or any improvement in his health. The star had taught him to bend to the blows of fate.

The track titles refer to titles of paintings that Klee created in 1939-1940, the last year of his life. These recordings are dedicated to Valerie Joy."

Sabisha Friedberg & Peter Edwards
"The Hant Variance" (2012)
out since 17.February 2015
2 LP on Issue Project Room

Sabisha Friedberg’s double LP The Hant Variance was recorded at EMPAC with Peter Edwards in a custom-tuned environment using advanced multi-channel recording techniques to capture a configuration of spatialized sound sources. Combining granular synthesis, analogue synthesizers, tone oscillators and field recordings, the composition is comprised of three movements. The low-end bass, which was recorded live with a subwoofer configuration that allowed for rapid directional shifts, serves as a sonic armature for the piece. Sustained pure tones shift minimally and the allocation of sound engenders a sense of aural disorientation. This landscape, with the premise of summoning a new phantom or haunted sonic space, exists in an interstitial, albeit present zone.

1. Hant Variance Movement 1 (part 1) (16:15)
2. Hant Variance Movement 1 (part 2) (17:38)
3. Hant Variance Movement 2 (part 1) (16:50)
4. Hant Variance Movement 2 (part 2) (10:26)

Sabisha Friedberg, Oscillators; Peter Edwards, Oscillators. Arrangements and Mix, Sabisha Friedberg. Balance and Edits, Todd Voss. Mastering, Rashad Becker. Recorded at EMPAC.

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