Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Video of the Day #84/2015: Demdike Stare (3) / Isobel Ccircle~ (1) / Francisco Meirino (4)

Demdike Stare - Primitive Equations

Demdike Stare ‎-- Testpressing #002
Label: Modern Love ‎-- LOVE086
Format: Vinyl, 12", White Label, Limited Edition, Ice-Blue Transparent
Country: UK
Released: 17 Apr 2013  

Isobel Ccircle~
"The House in Harbour Park"
(Auditory Field Theory, Cassette 2015)
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Label Info:
The Lousianian/Lancastrian duo of April Larson and Matt Bower has gone from strength to strength and 'The House In Harbour Park' sees Isobel Ccircle~ reach new heights and depths with its rich and captivating soundscapes. Encased in a silver glitter shell, the edition includes a full color, 2 sided j-card insert housed in a clear plastic Norelco case. The cassette also includes immediate access to the digital version, which is available for download in numerous lossless audio formats.

Francisco Meirino
"An Extended Meaning For Something Meaningless"
(Auditory Field Theory, CD 2013)
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LABEL INFO: Francisco Meirino's An Extended Meaning For Something Meaningless uncovers deep hidden contexts from the decaying fringe of the auditory spectrum. Here we find ornate beauty in the subtle demise of electronic systems and explore the arcane apprehension of existential degeneration.

The recording looks at how to create something out of almost nothing—basic field recordings, static electronics and failed tape experiments. A 16-channel multi-track piece where reel-to-reel tapes juxtaposition with modular synths, laced in a world of field recordings from late night Osaka to hydrophonic sewers.

The work consists of three untitled tracks with a total runtime of just over forty-four minutes and comes packaged in a letter-pressed sleeve printed by Ben Owen of middle press.