Friday, July 17, 2015

Video of the Day #105/2015: Bernard Stiegler (1) / Sound Awakener (5/6)

Bernard Stiegler
Social Networking As a Stage of Grammatization 
and the New Political Question

Plus these two new 2015 releases 
by the awesome project 
from Hanoi, Vietnam
called Sound Awakener 
featured here before.

Episode (2015)

Again this project picks up micro-transformational sound-processes and mirrors them back into psycho-acoustic landscapes. "Stones are turned into ashes" ... following an "Episode" of aural tectonics. Sounds as if taken or transcribed from and as petroglyphs. A petroscore: transforming the listeners - another awesome example of aural minimalism and psycho-electro-acoustics. Also interesting for friends of ANW and HNW. Please listen to this great project. [SKG]

Be whole (2015)

This is the latest Sound Awakener entry into the logbook of extreme electronics and electro-acoustics. It picks up the trajectory at the dawn of spiritual electronics (mainly located in the japanese minds from Masonna, Merzbow to Hasegawa and beyond) and morphes it with the most precious parts of HNW and ANW and oscillating Stockhauseniana, Radigueing Waves and other Sirius-Sinus-Sounds. Quite an effort and a poetic reinvention, n'est-ce pas ! So please take your time with this precious project from Hanoi and open your venues and ears for her ! One of the best, complex and well calculated psycho-acoustic works in a long time. Welcome to the new flesh, screams David Cronenberg's Videodrome ! [SKG]