Friday, August 21, 2015

Cloud #52/2013 / James Killick's Flood (1/2/3) / Tom Carter & Pat Murano (7)

Do the clouds really belong 
to the planes in the sky ?

this new HNW-project 
by James Killick
called "Flood"

Flood, One
60 min in two parts
August 2015

Flood, Two
a multi-hour wall in eight parts
soon out as limited 8 CD-r-set
August 2015

Flood, Three
November 2015

Plus this new gem by
Tom Carter and Pat Murano
called "Kawnyarna"
on Dub Ditch Picnic

New York psych mavericks Tom Carter (Charalambides//Sarin Smoke) & Pat Murano (No Neck Blues Band//Decimus) have teamed up to create some of the most amazing stuff I've heard in years ... super stoked to be releasing music by two folks I've been listening too for a long long time. released 01 June 2015