Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Listening (46): Snails sticking on a wall / .es and sara (8)

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Plus these new two really impressive 2015 
releases by sara and .es

Artist: sara - 
Title: Tinctura
Recorded Live at Gallery Nomart, Osaka, December 6, 2014
Media: CD
Year: 2015.7
Time: 53min. 18sec.


Artist: .es / dot es
Media: CD
Year: 2015.7
Time: 50min. 26sec.

These are the two new releases entitled "Tinctura" and "Senses Complex" by one of my most admired japanese freestylers, multi-instrumentalists or impro-groups called .es and their member/pianist Sara. Listening here is again like time- and style-travelling. It's freestyling and freestyling at once. Never bound by the laws of gravity. These musicians are travelling through time and space rearticulating the complex vocabulary and interactive forms of modern music, freestyle improvisations and percussive eruptions sometimes tamed or bridged  by folkloristic rhythms. 

On  "Tinctura" (2015) - her first pianist leader album - Sara poetically rearticulates all aural forces and interactive possibilities of the modern piano from its reinvention as a solo instrument or countervoice in german Romanticism from (for example) Beethoven, to Schubert and Schumann, up to John Cage's Prepared piano, Xenakis' stochastic piano mists and Morton Feldman's chord-skeletons surrounded by several virtuosos of saxophon- (Takayuki Hashimoto), cello- (Kiyo Satani), guitar- (Makoto Kawabata, Acid Mothers Temple) and percussion-vocabulary (Yung Tsubotai, EP-4). Please follow her playful and challenging journey through the interactive possibilities of the piano in reverse order from combinations with cello, guitar, saxophon, voice thinned out "down" to piano solo on the last track of "Tinctura". 

On  the second 2015-release of the .es-moniker (Sara and Takayuki Hashimoto) called "Senses complex" you can follow one of the most interesting piano-sax-duos around today reshuffling, remapping and reconsidering the possibilities of this instrumental pairing. For me these two releases are already two of the most interesting releases in this field this year – it's a firework of intellectual brilliance, poetical soundscaping, artistical truthfulness and integrity: always challenging and opening new horizons for free improvisations – reinscribing the classical avantgarde vocabulary contaminated by classical ideas of composition into state of the art freeform-improvisational-form and non-forms. [SKG]

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Senses Complex

Senses Complex