Thursday, August 20, 2015

Video of the Day #21/2015: Arrington de Dionyso (7)

Arrington de Dionyso
(source/copyright: Arrington de Dionyso)

Dear Readers,

today it is time for one of my all time favorites musicians on this planet: Arrington de Dionyso. This is a track "Kerasukan"  from the breathtakingly good album "Suara Naga" (2011): 

"Suara Naga is a pleasant balm for any creative spirit.

By "pleasant", I mean incendiary.

By "balm", I mean Cro-Magnon regressive.

By "any", I mean freaks only.

By "creative", I mean dangerous.

And by "spirit" I mean the flames of Hell and the flowers of Eden entine upon the nuptial sofas of pleasure.

By "spirit", I mean wearing grooves in the floor boards of your dirty mind.

By "spirit", I mean that part of you that either heeds the call or gets destroyed.

By "spirit", I mean this force coursing through your corporeal privates.

By "spirit", I mean a mystical draft.

By "spirit", I mean fermented juice.

By "spirit", I mean a sharpened stick rammed through an animal.

By "spirit", I mean you really don't need any more music, this one alone will do.

By "spirit", I mean a catalyst for your art.

By "spirit", I mean, SPIRIT!"

- Arrington de Dionyso


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