Sunday, September 6, 2015

Trailer of the Day #13/2015: The Act of Killing / Is Theory Critical ? (A series of funny talks)

Joshua Oppenheimer- The Act of Killing

Is Theory critical ?
A series of funny 2015 talks

Plus these ultra-weird if not totally helpless, irrelevant and worn pseudo-answers by so called relevant scholars doing nothing more than playing their old record collection containing the greatest hits of the deconstruction-of- metaphysics (of pretense - oops sorry presence) again and again. Never ever realizing that these dom-tunes were already made impossible by Heidegger's and de Man's x-ray-scans dating back to the early 1940's and early 1970's.  What was already - toujours déjà - unbearable dogmatic back then still is NOT the important part of JD's work ? Jackie, who ? Thankfully the canned laughter - recorded by your favorite connaisseurs - was played  back in during the talks, ha ha ha ! But judge for yourself whether the answers to the question "Is Theory Critical?" are really necessary (oops ! a dirty word !) ?

If you still needed a proof that the "academy" and its almighty machineries walled themselves deliberately in and are dead since ages - here is the final proof. A group of spectral (half-dead / half-alive) mummies speak or ventriloquize in a setting reminding of Roger Corman's "The Masque of the Red Death", but this time it's not the Pestilence, or the Menace of Atomic-Extinction-Wars but the Anthropocene  ! 

Your usual panelists and/or 
"undecidable, of course" Stand-Up-Comedians:
 Gayatri Spivak, Stuart Sim, Geoffrey Bennington, Ackbar Abbas, Lillith Mahmud still believing in the power of the WORD !

Geo-B's gesture on this still seems to say something re-markable:
"OK, ok you got me ! Take me in custody ! But please I want to keep my pencil !" 

Yes, this video is from May 2015 !Tired, tired and tired !