Thursday, October 15, 2015

Video of the Day #35/2015: Terrence Hannum (1,2) / Gnaw their tongues (1) / Black Wing (1) / Dark Buddha Rising (3)

Terrence Hannum
Hysteresis (2014)

Plus this piece of experimental black metal by Gnaw their tongues called "Abyss of longing throats" (2015) at its best moments close to Human Quena Orchestra or Black Boned Angel

released August 2015

Plus this nice and cute darkness
with sparks of light and joy
by Black Wing "... is doomed"
Out on The Flenser (2015)

released in May 2015

Plus - to make it complete -
new grooving psychedelia 
Dark Buddha Rising
out on Neurot 2015

released 25. September 2015