Monday, October 26, 2015

Video of the Day #36/2015: Jean-Luc Marion (15) / Slavoy Zizek (23) / Catherine Malabou (4/5) / Geoffrey Bennington (2)

Jean-Luc Marion
The Question of the Unconditioned God

Slavoj Zizek 
Lacan's four discourses and the Real (2014)

Catherine Malabou 
Does "Idealism" mean Metaphysics ?" (2015)

Interview avec Catherine Malabou
about Plasticité et le Cerveau (2013)

Geoffree Bannington - Emergencies (1997)

Last but not least Geoffree Bannington plays the Pope again in his 1997 polemic against Bernard Stiegler called "Emergencies" (later in his book "Interrupting Derrida"). But both Banni and Stiegler ignore "Heidegger, the intricate text" in favour of a deconstructive dogmatism only dominant in Derrida's acerbic mock-headvoice. The academic machineries are thirsty for dogmatism like vampires. The academy wants do get rid of reading (like de Man pointed out). The academy prefers the play of authoritarian puppets instead so so s0 much ! Like Cartman (from South Park) who screams: Respect my Authoritah!

Differant spaces for writing-reading are needed desperately

announced by Derrida already in khôratic desperation 
in "La peine de mort, tome 1":

"Exclure tous ces lieux, sortir de tous ces lieux, sans exception, c'est la première condition pour penser."

(South Park)