Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Video of the Day #37/2015: Jean-Luc Marion (16) / Graham Harman - Oh Oh Oooooh (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Jean-Luc Marion
The Unconditioned - God
Of course always admirable !

Plus a few more or less interesting FYI or funny DIY talks by the realdiculously overrated  always so oh oh oh proud like a four year old boy with his first matchbox car
Greyham Harman 

Obejcts and the Arts ? (2013)

What is an object ? (2013)

Black Holes (2014)

Speculative Realism (2013)

Interview with Graham Harman (2013)

Selfconfidence, highspeed bloated ultraproud snoreguments and OOO seem not to be in so much conflict, academic rules are fully applied and in the end everything runs down to grand-daddy's creepy and odd complications of the worn distinctions materialism - idealism - realism. And why again does he think that his basic assumptions are still too heideggerian, when he has obviously only fetishized the "schul"-philosophical solutions of "Sein und Zeit" ?? Ich sag's offen in beide Richtungen der Zeug-Analysen: "Einfach, weg mit dem Zeugs !?" And why is so much escapism included here ? Why should "thinking" be more than "thinking" or a regression back to the "ARTS" (already dead, too)? And why again should I care what "Lab Rats" "think" (no insult, my dear scientists, of course !) ? Maybe the answer to this is already given to.o.o.: O.oh O.oh O.ooooooh, what a cairotic moment ! And how funny that not one epochal scholar feels the urge to answer Greyman Hardman [SKG]