Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sounds of the Day #21/2015: Suzuki Junzo (4) / L. Voag (1) / Milk from Cheltenham (1)

Suzuki Junzo - Ode to a Blue Ghost

Inspired by Lonnie Johnson's "Blue Ghost Blues," Suzuki Junzo’s second album on Utech Records, Ode to a Blue Ghost, channels the bleak side of his playing. While hints of his blues- and folk-inspired work can be heard at times, they’re never far from the clutches of phantasmagorical loops and feedback squalls. Resonating guitar and meditative riffs inhabit a world apace with shimmering calm and levigating dissonance. © Suzuki Junzo and Utech Records. All rights reserved.To purchase Suzuki Junzo's "Ode to a Blue Ghost" on CD, please visit

Nice weirdos 1979/1980's sounds
by L.Voag "The Way Out" &
Milk from Cheltenham "Tryptic of Poisoners"
re-issue on Superior Viaduct 2015

The first-time vinyl reissue of the sole album from UK DIY legends Milk From Cheltenham, originally released in 1983 on famed It's War Boys imprint, is recommended for fans of Swell Maps, The Faust Tapes and LAFMS.