Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Sounds of the Day #8/2016: Pye Corner Audio (3) / Masonna (9, 10, 11) / Sammartano (1)

Masonna - Live 2008

Masonna - Live 199's

Masonna - Live 1992

Plus new and absolutely essential stuff from the drummer of the awesome italian duo Cannibal Movie called Sammartano "Low Pitched Italy" (2015). It is close to the dark worlds of German Army or Wold and to some of my favorite japanese or american reverb- and feedback- and voice-morphing experimentalists. For sure already one of the most interesting releases this year ! Don't miss it !

"Low Pitched Italy" is SAMMARTANO's debut album. Already known as the drummer of the cult italian act Cannibal Movie and as well part of Black Moss team for his precious support on stage for Donato Epiro's "Fiume Nero" live set. Son of the outskirts, cellars and ruined buildings of Taranto, maybe the toughest and weirdest city in South Italy, he tells stories that talk about dreams (nightmares?) of new migrations, ancient legends of travelships foreword the "old" America, visions of giant women like the Statue of Liberty which breats originates flares and fireworks that light up the night, and tons and tons of humans that raise dust only. A post atomic music where Hip Hop scrap stand out on a raw low-fi industrial dub arrangement. Imagine Industrial Records commission a Rap album to James Ferraro and Spencer Clark's Skaters..or Wolf Eyes jamming with Wu Tang Clan. 

LP on Black Moss - don't miss it !
Released XII/2015