Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Joseph Nechvatal Event & Sounds of the Day #34/2016: Che Chen, Robbie Lee, Chie Mukai (1) / Akira Sakata (6) /

Joseph Nechvatal & Cave Bacchus Destroyer of Naivetés
Performance, May 27, 2016
at Harvestworks, NYC

On May 27th (7pm) there will be a playback performance of the Destroyer of Naivetés recording by Cave Bacchus (Black Sifichi, Joseph Nechvatal & Rhys Chatham) at Harvestworks 596 Broadway, #602 NYC 10012 (Phone: 212-431-1130Entry is free of cost.

Destroyer of Naivetés is a 1 hour 10 minute musical recording by Cave Bacchus (Black Sifichi, Joseph Nechvatal & Rhys Chatham) of Joseph Nechvatal’s sex farce poetry book Destroyer of Naivetés that was released last year on Punctum Books. Destroyer of Naivetés is an epic passion poem, powerfully read by Black Sifichi, that takes up a position of excess from within a society that believes that the less you conceal, the stranger you become.

All music created by Rhys Chatham. The recording Destroyer of Naivetés will be released this year on the Entr’acte label out of Antwerp. Hope that you can attend.


Plus epochal free form stuff 
from Japan

Che Chen & Robbie Lee - Being and Continue (2008/2015)

Che Chen & Chie Mukai - 2.23.11 (2012)

Che Chen - Block Flute Signal #1 / T-H-R-S-H-L-D-S (2012)

Che Chen - Pulaski Wave / Newtown Creek (2011)

Akira Sakata - The Tale of the Heike (2013 rel. 2016)