Saturday, May 28, 2016

Sounds of the Day #55/2016; Abul Mogard (1,2,3,4) / Russell E. L. Butler (1,2,3)

Abul Mogard - Circular Forms (2015)

Abul Mogard - The Sky Hand Vanished (2015)

Abul Mogard - Drifted Heaven (2014)

Abul Mogard - s/t (2012)

Russell E. L. Butler The First Step (2016)

Russell E. L. Butler Visions of the Future (2016)

Russell E. L. Butler - God is Change (2015)

Most beautiful drones since ages
from the serbian composer 
Abul Mogard
plus some cool plicka-dee-plock 
retro-minimal-polyrhythmic-detroit-nerdtronics by
Russell E. L. Butler