Friday, August 19, 2016

Sounds of the Day #21/2016: Schperrung (1), Goh Lee Kwang (11,12,13, 14) / Theo Nugraha (1)

++++++++ Highly recommended +++++++

Schperrung - Houses of Horizons (2016)

A raw, intense, nonconformist, and unfiltered morphing of diverse skullflowering feedback streams of free form music from Aural Fit, Keiji Haino to Aufgehoben, Fushitsusha and beyond. Highly recommended to risk an ear or two. One of the best most recent releases in this field. [SKG]


Plus soundworlds
by Goh Lee Kwang
and Theo Nugraha

Goh Lee Kwang - Merdekarya, March 19 by Sudarshan Chandra Kumar (2016)

Goh Lee Kwang GHOST (2016)

Goh Lee Kwang GHOST Vol.LIV (2016)

Theo Nugraha & Goh Lee KwangTanda X  (2016)