Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Sounds of the Day #34A/2016: Tristan Perich (1-7)

Tristan Perich - Noise Patterns (2016)

Noise Patterns digs into the primitive particles of digital 1-bit audio that has become Perich's signature sound. As with his previous circuit albums, Noise Patterns is not released as a CD or record. Noise Patterns comes as a minimalist matte-black circuit board with a headphone jack in the side. The 6-track album explores how digital noise can be shaped and stressed, from glittering static into the mesmerizing electronic thump of a nightclub. On a technical level, the sonic raw material in Noise Patterns is digital 1-bit noise: a probabilistic density of random oscillations that Perich sequences into rhythmic patterns and layers into textures, pulses, rumbles and beats. (Tristan Perich)

Tristan Perich Active Field (2015)

Tristan Perich Dual Synthesis (2015)

Tristan Perich Telescope (2015)

Tristan Perich 1-Bit Symphony  (2015)

Tristan Perich Parallels (2015)