Friday, September 9, 2016

Sounds of the Day #123/2016: Canti Magnetici Tapes: Absent Outfit (1), Danny Clay & Greg Gorlen (1), Luca Garino (1), Andrea Penso (1), Carlos Casas (1), Luca Garino (1), Matthew P. Hopkins (8)

Absent Outfit - Untitled (2016)
(= Matthew P. Hopkins, Tim Coster)

Videobasic - Untitled (2016)

Danny Clay & Greg Gorlen - Brittle (2016)

Luca Garino - The Woodcarver (2016)

Andrea Penso - Ritorno All'Acqua (2015)

Carlos Casas - Vucca De Lu Puzzu (2015)

Matthew P. Hopkins - Fog Study (2015)

Please support this fantastic new tape label from Italy called "Canti Magnetici" active since 2015 curated by Gaspare Sammartano, Andrea Penso and Donato Epiro. It focuses on the research, through anomalous sounds, words and images, in the fields of natural and cultural phenomena, states of being and sciences. It delimits a triangle in South Italy (Taranto - Ostuni - Lecce).

Visit their blog