Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Sounds of the Day #38/2016: Howling Larsons & N Lymperopoulos (1), Gaap Kvlt (1,2,3), Suzuki Junzo (1)

Howling Larsons & N Lymperopoulos - Parmenides Proem  (2016)
Sombre Soniks has thee honour of releasing this excellent new work based upon thee writings of Parmenides, thee pre-Socratic Greek philosopher from Elea in Magna Graecia. Also inkluded is a new translation of thee proem itself! From thee Artist: “This is a modal/ambient piece based on Parmenides 'Proem'. The vocals are recited by Nikolaos in Ancient Greek using the Byzantine tonal system. We also include a more Esoteric translation of the Proem in both Greek and English.”

Gaap Kvlt - Jinn (2016)

Gaap Kvlt - Instability (2016)

Gaap Kvlt - I - IIII  (2013)

Suzuki Junzo - If I die before I wake (2016)