Friday, September 23, 2016

Sounds of the Day #56/2016: Sarah Hennies(1,2,3), Alvin Lucier (4), Slavek Kwi & Porya Hatami (1) / Téléplasmiste & AAS (1) / AAS (2)

Sarah Hennies - Gather & Release (2016)

Sarah Hennies - Orienting Response by Cristián Alvear (2015/16)
“Orienting Response was written specifically for Cristian Alvear at his request. In writing the piece I wanted to see if I could create the same kind of focus and intensity I have created with percussion instruments using an instrument (the nylon stringed guitar) that is naturally not well-equipped to produce the type of timbres or high dynamic levels that I have worked with up to this point.”

Sarah Hennies playsAlvin Lucier's Still and Moving Lines of Silence In Families of Hyperbolas (2010)

Sarah Hennies - Lineal (2009)

 Slavek Kwi & Porya Hatami - Evolva 5 (2015)

Téléplasmiste & AAS - Split (2015)

Aas - Balancing Ritual (2015)

AAS - Farming the Young / On the Mirrors of Yukon (2016)