Thursday, September 15, 2016

Sounds of the Day #57/2016: Marielle V Jakobsons (1,2,3), Marc Kate (1), Bean Snack (1-3), Felix Product (1-5)

Marielle V Jakobsons - Star Core (2016)

Marielle V Jakobsons - Glass Canyon (2012)

Marielle V Jakobsons - On Land and Meridian (2010)

Marc Kate - Lavender Languished (Marc Kate Remix) (2016)

From Marc Kate: 
"I think we’re far beyond the point of thinking that “remix” is a prescriptive term. Though after decades of remixing, it still implies that a track is shifted from one micro genre of music to another. One set of beats and synths are swapped out for another set. That’s the market function of a remix – to widen the appeal and sales possibilities of the original material by discarding the very idea of “original”. But I find that remixes are far more interesting when they are a “reimagining”. I’d rather hear and create a remix that views the original from a different perspective. A sort of audio Rashomon. 
However, my approach here was very simple. I love Lavender’s album “Horizons Beneath the Surface”, and in particular, the track “Languished”. Finding myself replaying the album all day, I thought I would dilate it, rather than reprise it. Rather than stretch the work though, I pulled it open from the inside, examined the details, like a slow, lingering autopsy of the original. Not as cold and macabre, but just as lingering and unflinching."

Plus some really nice
crypto-obscurantisms by
Bean Snack and retro-future-tronics
by Felix Product.

Bean Snack - Crispy Duct (2016)

Bean Snack - Bean Snack II (2014)

Bean Snack - Bean Snack I (2013)

Felix Product In, too, in out doors (2016)

Felix Product Presents (2016)

Felix Product Zero (2016)

Felix Product Runes(2013)