Friday, October 14, 2016

Sounds of the Day #125/2016: Head Dress(7,8,9,10), Chier (1,2)

Head Dress & Skewbi - Aglanta (2016)

Head Dress - Slow Chime (2016)

Head Dress - Dead in his Saddle (2016)

Head Dress - Crawl, Take (2015)

Head Dress - Backwards (2015)

Head Dress - PHo28 (2015)

Plus really nice crypto-obscurantist tunes
by Chier hailing the opposite orifice
compared to the one favoured by the charming Vomir.
It is a weird story of ups-and-downs 
with HNW, u know !

Chier Dad deep in our hearts you ll always stay.Loved and missed every day...(2016)

Chier Statische Bestimmtheit(2016)