Thursday, October 20, 2016

Sounds of the Day #144/2016: Bernard Stiegler (20), Angus Carlyle (1) Demeure & Jardin (1) / Takahiro Mukai (2) / Acid Fountain (1)

Bernard Stiegler - About Neganthropocene and its Economy
Talk 18.10.2016

Angus Carlyle - In The Shadow of the Silent Mountain
The shadows from the silent mountains cast across our walks beneath blue skies and sullen cloud, above squeaking snow, cloying mud, cobbles and diamond tiles, beech leaves and crocuses, paths, icicles and stalactites, chimney smoke, spray from winter streams and waves against the sea wall; over chestnut and dairy farmers, joggers, cobblers and their grand children, priests, geologists and motor bikers, playground mimics, salamanders, unseen birds of prey, cows, dogs and goats; on Lucia, Lucio, Enzo, on Carla, Julie, Domenico, Caroline and Chiara. I heard the shadows, saw them, but couldn’t write them, couldn’t record them: that was their silence.

Iain Armstrong Sacred & Profane (2016)
The recordings in this collection span several years and several countries. They are essentially documents of my travels as a tourist with a microphone. Each soundscape was recorded in a sacred place, or captures the sound of a sacred ritual. This notion of sacred sounds was the initial thematic concept for the collection. However, while selecting and preparing the material I became more aware of the secular sounds that are present alongside the religious sounds I originally set out to record – the profane. These commonplace, usually quieter sounds have a powerful ability to frame, contextualise and ground the listener, drawing one back from the spiritual and abstract, to the concrete.

Demeure & Jardin - To stand like a rainbow (2016)

Takahiro Mukai - The Ideal Ruins (2015)

Acid Fountain - Aitana (2015)