Monday, October 24, 2016

Sounds of the Day #145/2016: 0comeups (1) / ssaliva & Cell 03 (1) / Julius Eastman (1) / Water Bureau (1) / Ted James Butler Head Dress (1,2,3,4)

0comeups - One Deep (2016)

ssaliva & cell 03 - keys2diversion / Audio Codex (2016)
Issue 03 continues a multi-chapter meditation on the ways by which systemic racism and imperialism sit at the core of the surveillance state. The invention of whiteness as a means to define/divide & rule. The dehumanization of others and the militarization of our surroundings.

Julius Eastman - Femenine (1974/2016)
This is the première release of Julius Eastman’s Femenine, for chamber ensemble. It is the work’s only known recording, documenting a 1974 performance by the S.E.M. Ensemble (with the composer on piano) which has lain unheard for decades.

Water Bureau - Water Bureau (2015)

Plus these
Ted James Butler Videos
(aka Head Dress)