Friday, October 21, 2016

Sounds of the Day #154/2016: Flavien Gillié (2) / José Ricardo Delgado Franco(1) / Gerald Fiebig & Alexander Möckl (1) / former_airline (1) / Leaaves (1) / Developer (1)

Flavien Gillié - Disparitions (2015)
These are field recordings from a trip to Krakow / Auschwitz-Birkenau. It’s hard to say if you can ever be ready to visit extermination camps. Prior to this journey some books have been read, related to the experience of camps. Some of them changed me, here’s a selected list : Jean Améry : At the Mind’s Limits: Contemplations by a Survivor on Auschwitz and Its Realities / Robert Antelme – L’espèce Humaine / Charlotte Delbo’s trilogy : None of Us Will Return, Useless Knowledge and The Measure of Our Days /Georges Didi-Huberman – Écorces / David Rousset – L’Univers Concentrationnaire

Gerald Fiebig & Alexander Möckl - Private Transport (2015)
Fiebig and Möckl developed a drone sound based on intervals of only two tones (A and B for AugsBurg) which subtly, almost subliminally intermingles with the sounds of the traffic, thus giving an aesthetic frame to this ‘noise.’ The title “Private Transport” refers not only to the dominance of cars (as opposed to buses and tramways) in the tunnel, but also to the shift in listening attitudes made possible by this implicit musicalisation of the traffic. The sound coming from the speakers, hidden from view, forms part of the overall acoustic ambience of the tunnel. It invites passers-by to focus on the potential aesthetic pleasure in the infinite variations in the sounds of traffic, as if on a piece of music. “Private Transport” is not a fixed composition, but the name that could be given to the individual mix of soundtrack and ambient sounds that each passer-by creates in their listening mind as they pass through the tunnel. This processual, interactive aspect of the sound work corresponds with the changing nature of the visual artworks in Kunsttunnel, as new volunteer artists keep adding new works while others are painted over.

José Ricardo Delgado Franco - Sound atmospheres of the Colombian Orinoquia (2015)

former_airline - Ice Silence Death (2015)

Leaaves - Forest Words (2015)

Developer - AGF24 (2015)

The 45SIS, No. 2
by David Burraston
coming October 23, 2016