Saturday, October 29, 2016

Sounds of the Day #159/2016: Jonathan Fitoussi (8), Nicola Ratti (1,2), Bellows (1) / Ondness (3,4) /

Jonathan Fitoussi Imaginary Lines (2016)

Nicola Ratti - Pressure Loss (2016)

Nicola Ratti - Wounded Boys (2015)

Bellows - Handcut (2011)
For ‘handcut’, bellows used a simple technique of cutting / destroying and amplifying vinyl records with contact microphones, creating new grooves and physical loops while capturing the sounds on a revox tape machine with long tapeloops. no further processing or transformations were applied apart for a couple of effect pedals and sine waves. a sort of atmospheric and modern electronic music recorded at the beginning of the twentieth century on 78rpm shellac records.

Ondness - Sentinela (2015)

Ondness - Poor Mans Twilight Zone (2013)