Saturday, November 19, 2016

Sounds of the Day #90/2016: Graham Dunning & Tom Wallace (1) / Budhaditya Chattopadhyay (1) / Daniel Menche (1,2,3,4) / Ohm Saw (1) / Skullflower (18)

 Graham Dunning & Tom WallaceDawn Into Dusk (2016)

Budhaditya Chattopadhyay - Passage to the City (2012)
'Passage to the City' is a sound composition based on the concept of recording frequency contents at empty spaces of an urban location in Firenze, Italy with a generative device. The device is basically a feedback circuit consisting of a microphone connected to an array of active speakers through a Max/MSP interface, to sensitize the resonant frequency of the space in concern. The work is a first part of a series 'The City Trilogy'. Recommended listening at speakers/headphones having low-frequency handling capacity.

Daniel Menche - Raw Cello Sessions (2016)

Daniel Menche - Cave Canem (2016)

Daniel Menche - Catalepsy (2015)

Daniel Menche - Odradek (2009)

Ohm Saw - Primitive (2016)

Skullflowerrecursive disaster (2016)
in a self modifying loop of better immolations/in-carnations, embedded in flowers, enshrined and immaneant, language of lianas and langurous lemurs shreik and hoot over ruined terraces overlooking sulphurous violet lagoons, and in the desert haze: the cities of the red night. what resides in the hollow statue of the god? the darkness of aegypt flows forth in knots and tendrils, scarves of light and shadow, and deeper down: those trinkets and ornaments, glamours and sidelong glances believed lost; scattered, burned, buried, and drowned, sent to their elementals: all are returned, and yet changed beyond all recognition. but you shall Know them, as Dorothy sought out the green ornaments in the Nome Kings Palace, so you shall know them, for they refract and radiate, the black light of Isis, the darkness of Set-Ghedhe. Amen