Friday, December 2, 2016

Sounds of the Day #123/2016: Michael Pisaro

Anish Kapoor

Dear Readers,

today's Sounds of the Day document the immense inventive force, conceptual rigor and tender inventiveness of Michael Pisaro. More about Michael Pisaro's concepts you will find in his version of THE 45SIS published tomorrow. THE 45SIS is a Sound-Art Questionnaire developed by me in 2016 for leading artists only. It is an acronym for 45 sentences, infinite sounds. It consists of 45 sentence to be completed. So please put this on your planned chores for tomorrow. And trigger your ears for this immense inventor and composer today ! Cordial thanks, Michael Pisaro ! [SKG]

(a) Michael Pisaro - Compositions & Performances

Michael Pisaro - A Cloud drifting over the Plain (2016)

Michael Pisaro, Manfred Werder, lo wie, D’incise, Cristián Alvear & Angharad Davies3+3=3 (2016)

Michael Pisaro - Christian Wolff - Looking Around 
(Erstwhile 2016) 
(click here for an excerpt)

Michael Pisaro - Reinier van Houdt - The earth and the sky 
(3 discs, Erstwhile 2016)

Michael Pisaro, Radu Malfatti ‎- Invisible Landscapes 
(Willow St, 2010/2016)

Michael Pisaro - Six Stones (performance 2016)

Michael Pisaro - Didier Aschour - Stéphane Garin - Grounded Cloud 
 (Live at Instants Chavirés - 13/05/2016)

Didier Aschour, Xavier Erkizia, Oier Etxeberria, Stéphane Garin, Michael Pisaro & performers - Ricefall (2016)
(San Sebastian (es), Tabakalera - 2016, may 15)

Michael Pisaro, Christián Alvear ‎- Melody, Silence (For Solo Guitar)
(Potlatch 2015)

Michael Pisaro- A mist is a collection of points 
(New World Records 2015)

Michael Pisaro ‎Mind is Moving IX (performed by Denis Sorokin) (2015)

Michael Pisaro, Graham Lambkin - Schwarze Riesenfalter (2015)

Michael Pisaro - asleep, desert, choir, agnes (2016)

Michael Pisaro - Anabasis Excerpt

Michael Pisaro - White Metal 

Michael Pisaro -  asleep, forest, melody, path 
(for field recording and live performance) (2013)

Michael Pisaro - Closed Categories from A Cartesian World 
(Excerpt from Part 1)

Michael Pisaro - Les Jours, Mon Aubépine, for solo piano (2012)

Michael Pisaro - Ascending Serie (2.1) 
(To Joachim Eckl)

Michael Pisaro - A wave and waves (2012)

(b) Michael Pisaro - Masterclass Videos

Sounds Unheard Masterclass 6: 
Michael Pisaro & Greg Stuart (2015)

Sounds Unheard Masterclass 7: 
Michael Pisaro & Greg Stuart (2016)