Friday, December 30, 2016

Sounds of the Day #124/2016: Paul Otlet - Zettelkastenschrank /// Christian Mirande (1,2), Derek Rogers (3), Joe Colley (4), Olivia Block (1) / Sarah Davachi (4)

Paul Otlet - Zettelkastenschrank 
Mundaneum, Mons, Belgien
(source: wikipedia)

Christian Mirande - Trying To Remember A House (2016)
The rural landscape of Bucks County, Pennsylvania has seen many of it's field-stone structures fall into disrepair and decay as its farm fields became subdivisions and condominiums. Trying To Remember A House is the beginning of a consideration of this entropy. Trips from, returns to, memories of walking through and swimming in the summer… The sounds of the fall line remain. This is an attempt to record the sounds of this area as they where heard and impart them with them the essence they once embodied. This is the first in a series of works by Mirande inspired by impressionist painter Daniel Garber, who vividly documented life in the Delaware River valley.

Christian Mirande - Strangeways (2016)

Derek Rogers Silence is Being Substituted  (2016)

Silence is Being Substituted is mostly sculpted from live performances, recreated and rearranged as needed. I utilized strings and synthesizers. and employed digital processing and granular synthesis with concert and field recordings in ways I hadn't before. Perhaps this album finds me making a more sincere and ambitious to composition and form. I tried to be especially cognizant of pacing and texture and worked to find the emotional core of these pieces, while still maintaining the foundational opacity that I always strive to maintain." Derek Rogers

Joe Colley No way in  (2016)

Olivia BlockDissolution (2016)
"Dissolution is a reflection upon human “webs of significance,” and an investigation into the ways that electronic communications and recording technologies, both past and present, facilitate, complicate and transmute the formation of these webs. Sounds of shortwave radio, municipal broadcast recordings, fragments of found microcassette tapes, tones and instruments dramatize the fragility and failures of communication and language in shaping memory and experience. This album is dedicated to Adam Sonderberg, without whom I could not have completed this project."

Sarah Davachi - Vergers (2016)